Being Conservative is the Art Lying!

Posted: 2 August, 2017 in Comment, Conservatives, Life, United Kingdom

The Conservatives here in the United Kingdom have embraced the modern way of doing politics in the West in so much you openly lie to the people in the hope you fall for the lies and vote for them. Though the Conservatives here have reached a whole new level of this method of politics in so much they lie so blatantly especially during the recent General Election.

This has been recently highlighted by the fact that during the General Election campaign the Conservative party promised to put a price freeze on the big six power companies here in the United Kingdom. But this week British Gas have put up their Electricity prices by 12.4% with no real clear reason why just some garbled excuse from their owners.

What did the Conservative Party under Mrs May do?

They have done absolutely nothing not even a comment so once again the Conservatives have lied to the Electorate here as they had no intention to put price caps on the big six power companies and Mrs May only made the promise in a desperate attempt to get votes during the General Election.

Myself it is time the people of the United Kingdom woke up to what the Conservatives are doing after all if they lied about the price cap what else have they been lying about?

After all Brexit was based on lies so I do I need to say any more other than people should really wake up to the fact the Conservatives under Mrs May are lairs full stop and they now cannot be trusted with the future of the United Kingdom any more!

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