I.T. is a Wide Church!

Posted: 29 July, 2017 in Comment, Computer

It was one of those weeks when you have to smile at people’s ignorance about the I.T. Industry even after for existing for over 40 years.

That is due to its nature there are a lot of roles within the Industry from Software Engineers, Support to Hardware Engineers whose jobs span a wide range of skills need to keep the I.T. Industry functioning.

Each role has it’s own set of skills some of which overlap but not all for example a Programmer is an expert in writing software not fixing and installing hardware but people outside of the Industry fail to appreciate this. They have this strange notion a programmer can fix computer and operating system problems or a Hardware Engineer can fix software.

But I should not really be surprised about this misconception even after computers being around 40 plus years a large majority of people both in and out of work still do not realise the real power and difference to their lives computers could give them. Plus little understanding of work needed to create a computer and the software which runs on computers especially the wide range of skills and knowledge required.

I find this very disturbing in so much especially in everyday world around me as it highlights just how badly our society’s technological, cultural and social progress has stalled over the past decades since the advent of computers!

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