Chronicles of a Steam Powered Storyteller Part XIII

Posted: 23 July, 2017 in Journal, Life

I have been quiet for last month and so as once again I have been fighting my depression again though this time on a new tack doing something about my anxiety rather than the depression directly. It has meant I have not been very talkative over the past month as I adjust to the new state of my mind.

The upshot of which it has worked and I am far more settled within myself and slowly getting back to what is normal for me without the constant worrying about small things which had started to blight my life. I can laugh again and get angry over things which matter..

Most of all unlike on the anti-depressants my creative and emotional have not been suppressed which is a far better result for myself as it is making me feel more human and more positive about things around me.

But I am starting to question things that are happening around me in my life as they are making me feel unfulfilled and do not feel right to a point I am starting to get uncomfortable. All not helped by living in a country and with people who look inwards and backwards which is starting both frustrate and bore me totally.

I need to find a place and people around me who inspire me, have real lives and look both forward and outwards as if I stay where I am any longer it will kill me. I so want to have the energy to move forward in my life as I have so much to do and currently feel I have no chance to do any of it because I am constantly fatigued.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal miscellany of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

Please Note: If you are interested in my home page just follow the link to Experiment No. 3.


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