Revolutions Have Been Misrepresented!

Posted: 28 June, 2017 in Comment, Life, politics

I think it is time to blow the myths about Revolutions the ones perpetuated by right-wing that is all revolutions are bloody affairs in which they kill people and smash the system.

Of cause they perpetuate this myth because it is to discourage people from standing up against them.

But as I said it is a myth not Revolutions are bloody ones as those people who had been paying attention in recent decades would of noticed the collapse of the then USSR in a series of peaceful revolutions where people took back control not by use of the gun but by use of peaceful demonstrations.

Though sadly especially in former Yugoslavia afterwards the old tensions between the countries and people there erupted in a bloody war but the start was still largely peaceful.

Plus some revolutions can take place quietly in the background with no fanfare just with a slow change in way people think and act until things change naturally without people getting upset about it. One example being here we now all recycle rubbish something we thought we never do and made a lot of noise about doing it when the idea was first mooted. We now do it without thinking because of a quiet revolution in the way we think.

Yes, some Revolutions were and will still be bloody but they do not have to be is what I am saying. The only people who say they are bad or bloody are those who will be directly effected by a Revolution and say that in the hope it will put people off such action.

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