Brexit is Falling Apart Already!

Posted: 10 April, 2017 in Comment, Life, United Kingdom

The more you listen to the Leave Voters and Brexiteers here in the United Kingdom the less you believe what they are saying any more as all they can say is the same things over and over again!

You start to get more of a feeling from them they are trying so hard to justify their actions which is not working even for themselves.

In the end they may think they won but the truth is they have lost as all it highlighted is they can only look backwards, inwards and most of all they are afraid to embrace the world around them in all it’s glory.

The sad fact is both Leave Voters and Brexiteers live in fear of the big bad world outside of their little island sanctuary this green and pleasant land. A land which is being destroyed by their short sighted actions which has allowed a National Socialist Government flourish here spreading its policies of hate, bigotry and petty nationalism.

And what do they do they close their eyes to the damage they have caused all in the fate hope it is a nightmare and it will go away!

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