Brexit Highlighted Britain is Broken!

Posted: 5 April, 2017 in Comment, Life, United Kingdom

What has been really lost to most of both Remain and Leave Voters is just how Brexit has highlighted that we need to overhaul our Democracy here in the United Kingdom!

The current way we vote in MPs and they way they function as MPs in Parliament is flawed and archaic that it belongs to a United Kingdom which has long gone. It cannot cope with the rigours of a modern 21st Century country which we need to be to survive as a functioning society.

Simply put the United Kingdom simply is not working as a functioning society and only keeps going because of the grim determination of people in the right places putting a lot of effort.

It is only a matter of time before whole economy and fabric of society here in the United Kingdom will collapse and simply stop working. At which point even the rich elite in their ivory towers will not be safe from the resulting fire storm as everything collapses.

My personal view it is time for those people from both sides who have the wherefore and determination to change the United Kingdom so it works for everyone not the few, that is fix our broken country where ever it ends up.

It is time to put aside the old notions of nationalism and patriotism and start to build a society based on tolerance, inclusion and diversity as it end that will make society stronger not weaker.

But sadly in modern United Kingdom my words will be ignored or ridiculed as those of a left-wing loony or dreamer but everyone knows we need to change to too scared to stick their necks out any more.

I am not as I refuse to live in fear!

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