Out of Despair Build a World of Hope!

Posted: 14 March, 2017 in Comment, Life, United Kingdom

As Article 50 takes hold it is time we Remain Voters took a more pragmatic view of the whole situation rather than getting angry start to play the real long game which frankly the Brexit and Leave Voters are not playing.

Remember they are only looking at the short term and really never had any idea of what they are doing or where the country is going even now.

Remember they represent a group of people who are happy to look backwards and live in fear. In addition they are part of a world and system which is in the process of being replaced by newer way of doing things which the first evidence of which is already evident with advent of the Basic Wage and new ways of working over the internet.

Taking an analogy within the Computer Industry the current battle happening here within the United Kingdom between the Anti-EU and Pro-EU is much like the battle between Commercial and Open Source Software which still is far from over.

Anyone who has been paying attention could not of failed to notice the inroads Open Source Software has made into the Computer Industry despite the open hostility of the Commercial side of the Industry namely Microsoft and Apple.

Rather than Open Source getting angry, despairing or giving up they continued on and moved forward in big leaps and bounds while the Commercial side thinking they had won have grown complacent and stagnate really hoping on hope people will keep buying from them.

So now we have a situation where Open Source is now used everywhere and started to drive the Computer Industry forward again even put back life back into an industry which was dying on it’s feet.

So what I am saying those Pro-EU people who feel trapped, despair and angry should start to play the long game and start to find ways to move forward and forge new relationships with Europe and the World. That is out develop much as Open Source those people around you who look backwards and live in fear that is the average Leave Voter.

I know this is a hard and painful process but in the end by doing this the Remain Voters will be in a stronger position to face the future and they will have a better more open world view. The world will be our Oyster and we can leave those around us who fear the future and forge our own future.

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