Role-Playing: I Have Moved On From AD&D!

Posted: 12 March, 2017 in Comment, Role-Playing

Since returning back to role-playing after a 5 year break it has become very apparent that I have moved on from the older and more traditional rule heavy role-playing rules which included such games as Advanced Dungeon & Dragons which were one first systems I played and ran.

I have moved since my early days towards the more story telling based games which are more rule light and background heavy which allow both myself and players to create more rounded games based more on role-playing than combat.

All this reflects a change what I want out of my role-playing since I started which is now a more creative environment in which I can weave a story using my own and player’s imaginations and creative sides. It makes role-playing a very enjoyable and satisfying experience for myself which feeds my own imagination and creativity something I need to do to keep my mind active as I grow older.

I still play a variant of Advanced Dungeon and Dragons and similar games and enjoy them though more as a traditional role-playing experience which is more centred around combat which reflects it origins within the war gaming community. Though I am finding personally this war gaming background detracts from the role-playing opportunities for both the players and games masters as it does not easily encourage players to get involved in the games themselves.

Do not get me wrong such role-playing systems still have their place as there are role-players out there who love this form of role-playing and they make a good introduction to role-playing especially those who have come from computer games backgrounds.

But I have moved on as most experienced game masters/storytellers and players do in search of a better role-playing experience which fires up their imaginations and creativity, all part of the journey of role-players like myself.

Though the biggest irony of all role-playing, especially story based role-playing games, are adult versions of lets pretend games of all our childhoods.

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