Chronicles of a Steam Powered Storyteller Part X

Posted: 12 March, 2017 in Journal, Life

It has been one of those months when I have been fighting my depression in the background which has been robbing of the confidence and inspiration I need in the next few weeks to create a memorable start to a Werewolf Role-Playing game. It is starting to frustrate me a little as I am finding other pointless things to do to avoid facing the issue.

As always when I finally find a way to settle myself back to some point of normality the ideas will start following again though the other thing which delaying me is how to write an idea down effectively so it can be run.

This is my life currently I know things could be better but there is something lacking inside me to go looking not helped by a world around me which certainly does inspire me to do anything new. Never helps when the world around us has gone insane because there are people out there who are afraid to move forward and open their minds to things new.

It is starting to effect me in a very negative way as been constantly fed by negative images within the media and people around you eventually has had a effect on myself. It is starting to make me despair and wonder why should I really bother any more as if people cannot be bothered so why should I be bothered or make the effort!

It is as always it is a vicious circle which is hard to break and my depression loves to feed upon regardless there are small positive things happening in my life currently.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal miscellany of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

Please Note: If you are interested in my home page just follow the link to Experiment No. 3.


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