Brexit: Is Not An Excuse!

Posted: 12 March, 2017 in Comment, Life, United Kingdom

It seams that a growing number of people here in the United Kingdom have used the Brexit vote in last June as an excuse for intolerance, racism and all forms of bigotry against a wide range of people.

But Brexit is not and never was an excuse for such behaviour but it does reflect the darker side of our British society which until the Brexit vote was suppressed by our own sense of right and the fact as a country we looked outwards and forwards.

What has become increasing clear, especially with Mrs May’s concoction of saying Brexit has the mandate of all the people which is a lie, this intolerance, racism and bigotry is now coming from the top of society and government even to a point now it is sanctioned by Mrs May’s Government and the Conservative party itself.

The country I knew before Brexit which was tolerant, polite and embraced both the future and wider world is becoming a country of impolite, intolerant, racist and bigoted nation who think it is perfectly acceptable to be rude and demeaning about people around them.

In my view Brexit is not excuse for this behaviour and it is high time those of us who find this behaviour disgusting and offensive start to put these people in their places as they still do not represent the large majority of British people.

But sadly a vocal minority as always shout down the quiet majority much as modern way of things even if the vocal minority are wrong!

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