The Last Bastions of the Small Minded!

Posted: 28 February, 2017 in Comment, Life, Society

In current United Kingdom and now United States both Patriotism and Nationalism have become the last bastions of ever growing group of small minded people within both countries. It reflects just just how detached and fearful people are becoming about the world around them which is ever shrinking, changing and moving away from a world which they once knew especially in their childhoods.

But rather than embrace and find opportunities in the changing world they seek to stop even wind back time helped by now growing ultra-conservative elite even at the cost of their own children, freedom and future prosperity.

The world now is not shaped by hopes, dreams and unlimited imagination but now by a pandemic of fear and hate propagated by an elite who are even more afraid of the future which intellectually they cannot even fathom out.

Once in our society Patriotism and Nationalism may have had it’s place but the world has moved on and it will move on beyond the current nations to where cultural identity will become more important than what country you belong too. There are those out there will think this statement is a bit strange but nations are only constructs themselves created by man to give a sense of belonging.

All this is breaking down because the internet allows people to go beyond their nations and interacts with people all over the world and certainly among the younger people and those who use the internet regularly start to identify themselves more as part of a world community rather than they very nation they are part of.

It gives people opportunities to talk to people of other cultures, in some cases within the same nation, and learn more about the world and the people which populate it. It will eventually mean people will start to see themselves as part of a global society rather than just part of a national society.

So in the end Patriotism and Nationalism are certainly the last bastions of the small minded that is those who are too afraid to move forward. Those of us who want to embrace the future responsibility is to make sure these people stop defining the direction of our world, hopefully by peaceful means and talking to them explaining the future is not something to be afraid of but to be looked forward to with hope and wonder!

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