United Kingdom: Is This What the Conservatives Really Wanted?

Posted: 17 January, 2017 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

In the end you have to wonder those who voted Conservative did they really want the National Socialist government of Mrs May in the United Kingdom?

A government which puts immigration and low taxes for the rich before the heath of the people, economy and even society here in the United Kingdom!

I have to ask them are you still happy to vote and support this government which has gone more right than UKIP has ever gone to a place which only the National Socialist of 1930’s Germany dared to tread?

A government which puts patriotism and nationalism before basic freedoms and human rights?

A government who attempts to sell a dream of independent and isolated United Kingdom in a world which has gone beyond such petty and out dated concepts with the advent of the internet?

If they are I would ask them to look deeply into themselves and question their morals as people start to be deported because they are non-British or EU citizens, people put in prison because they do not have the correct political views even religion the state thinks is right or people who speak out against the government start to disappear!

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