2016: The Year That Was!

Posted: 31 December, 2016 in 2016, Comment, Life

The year 2016 may of not been worse year for myself but for large majority of people around me it has turned out to be a terrible year because of the rise of the right-wing after EU Referendum here in the United Kingdom and Mr Trump actually being voted the United States President.

Both ironically under the pretence of people voting against the establishment but both born of the very establishment the people were voting against. The biggest irony of all both were won on the back of lies and blatant bigotry missed by the very people who voted for them or was it?

The year 2016 will not be remembered as a good year by historians as the two above events have brought out the worse in both the British and American who are seaming want to walk into a more intolerant, inhumane and isolationist society ruled by increasing authoritarian governments.

All this fed throughout later part of 2016 by a increasingly more right-wing press who drum home this message to a people who seam more and more happy to sit at home doing nothing but worry about what famous people are up to and enjoy the spectacle of the Jeremy Kyle and Jerry Springer shows who degrade people because they are poor and morally weak.

So we end the year with the spectre of National Socialism standing over both the United Kingdom and the United States in the form of Mrs May and the Conservative Party and Mr Trump supported by an elite who will not let things like truth, honesty, integrity and humanity get in the way of them getting richer.

We will find all ourselves in 2017 at a crossroad in so much do we continue to sleep walk into a future increasing dominated by National Socialism which the world will be more and more dominated by a rich few. A world which fixes nothing and everyone blames the poor, immigrants and disabled for the woes of the world rather than actually fix them.

Or do we finally wake up to what is really going on in our world and stop blaming everyone else for our own failings including that of governments and establishments and actually get around to fixing things and move forward not backwards as we are currently.

Myself I know what we need to do but I suspect there will be a lot of people around me in 2017 will take the easier option of doing nothing regardless of the fact it will lead to more hardship for themselves and everyone else around them eventually.

Unlike last year I am not optimistic about 2017 as 2016 has knocked my faith in people totally as I cannot believe especially here in the United Kingdom they are prepared to embrace the politics of National Socialism again in the hope the country will be a great independent nation again, a pipe dream.

As a final note those of you do not know what National Socialism is, it is Nazism true name and it’s a political philosophy which to panders to Nationalism and Patriotism at the expense of peoples basic humanity and tolerance which last time it reared it’s ugly head in Europe led to genocide!

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