A Lame Not United Kingdom!

Posted: 15 December, 2016 in British Society, Comment, Life, United Kingdom

It must be getting to a point that the right minded people of the United Kingdom finally do something about the mess we call a government in Westminster!

Parliament, its members and the bureaucracy called the Civil Service which supports it need the biggest kick up the backside to remind them they serve all the people not an elite few!

But as always people are happier to sit watching X-Factor and minor air-headed celebrities on the television rather than actually getting up themselves or say something. As always they give the same old excuses it is nothing to do with me or I cannot change anything in Westminster.

Just how lame has this country, the United Kingdom, and it’s people have become?

I think you gather I am getting more angry with the society around me who finds it easier to do nothing even when their very freedoms, rights and living conditions are being eroded away.

Not helped by the fact they do not listen or even talk to each other any more and actually believe they are all islands in a world who do not need any one else but themselves.

In the end you have to love the philosophy of 1990s who put the individual first before society at the detriment of society itself. Now we are paying the price for it and I am not sure everyone is liking the cost any more as society and it support mechanisms start to fall apart around them.

I am losing my sympathy for the people who still hold onto this now outdated and destructive philosophy and the troubles they face are of their own making and could be easily rectified by simply being a real human being again who lives and works in a real society who works and plays together as one.

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