Auschwitz: The Evil of Man!

Posted: 14 November, 2016 in Auschwitz, Comment, Life

Once again this journal entry needs repeating to remind people as once again its significance has become important once again!

Auschwitz is a name which should be etched into our very souls least we forget the evil that was perpetuated there and in other places!

It was one of the main Concentration Camps in which the Nazi’s carried out their Final Solution for the Jews. Something that some people even now denied happened.

This name represents an evil men can do to each other. We have the capacity to do more evil than the metaphysical Christian Demons and Devils. Evil is not in Hell but for a short time a living hell existed within the Concentration Camps like Auschwitz.

We need to learn from this and kept being reminded of this fact least we do it again.

But this is a faint hope of mine as Humanity will do it again, and it has. Humanity still finds it easy to persecute a group because of their religion. It has started again in Europe and America and like last time people justify this hate and fear as defending their Homelands!

Remember Auschwitz before we all let our fears and hate rule over our hearts because if we do not stop demonising a group at the moment it will eventually lead to the same answer again!

I ask could we live with this again?

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