Welcome to the Caring and Sharing Britain!

Posted: 1 November, 2016 in British Society, Comment, Life, United Kingdom

This has to show just how uncaring modern Britain has become something I witnessed today from my cabin were I was working.

A woman was climbing a set of stairs near by where I was working and she tripped over on the top step and fell on her back and got up rubbing her leg afterwards. There were people walking past who would of seen what had happened and not one stopped to check if she was alright or needed help. If anything from where I observed it was as if they deliberately looked away so they would not get involved.

Myself I had to ask the woman if she was alright luckily she was if a little embarrassed that she had fallen over but at least I had the humanity to go and be prepared to help someone and not look away and ignore it.

This really illustrates what Britain has become, especially since Brexit, that is a country of people who only care for themselves who do not want to get involved just in case things will get difficult even if someone could have been potentially injured.

This is certainly not the Britain I was brought up in but a new Britain which I really do not like as it goes against all the principles of real people of Britain who did help everyone and those who were hurt.

As I keep saying is this really what the people of the United Kingdom an uncaring Britain full of people who just look after themselves?

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