The United Kingdom is Becoming a Litany of Hate!

Posted: 5 October, 2016 in British Society, Comment, Life, United Kingdom

Things in the United Kingdom are going beyond the Mundane things of work, life and family and becoming more serious and darker with the open rise of bigotry, hate and intolerance since the vote to leave the European Union.

A growing number of what would have been called decent citizens of the United Kingdom in the past have taken the Leave Vote win as a sign to become more intolerant of anyone who do not fit what society thinks is the normal. All reinforced by a right wing government, establishment and media who now constantly feed these people a constant stream of hate, bigotry and intolerance especially against Muslims, Islam, Europeans, the poor, the disabled to name a few.

It now feels like a country run by an extreme right wing government and establishment who are tightening their grip on power for an elite few at the expense of the many using the same tactics as the National Socialists used in 1930s Germany. That is distracting the people with a constant stream of propaganda portraying the Muslims who are evil terrorists who want to destroy the country, Europe as wanting to subvert the sovereignty of our country and finally the poor, disabled and disadvantaged as parasites on society who are draining valuable resources from those who deserve them.

Those of us who are awake here in the United Kingdom and actually have an intelligence and foresight know all the above are lies constructed to provoke fear in the general public so the extreme right wing government, establishment and media can gain more control over our society. It is elegant in it’s implementation as it looks as it hides behind a facade of a government who seams to care for the people, the country and our national identity.

There will still be those out there who will say this is not happening and I am one of those insane and paranoid people whose grip on reality is very tenuous indeed.

There will still be those out there who will say that I am being very dark and alarmist about the United Kingdom.

But if they really think and look hard at what is happening in this country will easily see the signs of what I am talking about with rise of hate crime, rise in homeless and increase of people who are suffering at the hands of a government and society which is caring less for those who have fallen on hard times or fallen ill.

I have to ask them just why is both the United Nations and European Union started to investigate the Conservative government of Mrs May here in the United Kingdom for Human Right violations?

Such groups do not waste their valuable resources investigating things unless something has been going on in the first place.

And just why our Prime Minister Mrs May is in a rush to repeal the European Human Rights Act and replace it with one of our own?

Things in the United Kingdom have gone beyond the mundane and basic politics to a very dark place indeed with undertones of out and out institutionalised isolationism, nationalism and bigotry on a scale not seen since the 1930s!

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