Be Proud, Not Afraid!

Posted: 16 September, 2016 in Comment, Life

What is becoming very clear in my life is that I should stand up for my beliefs, be proud of them and not allow those who are too afraid or live in fear to pressure me to conform to what they think is normal.

I has stuck me when peers mock or question your intelligence because you voice a view that does not fit their own or what they think is acceptable to society is a form of bullying. All in an unconscious effort on their to force you to conform especially in our modern times.

All made worse they accept this form of bully not questioning why they are doing it or engaging my someone, like myself, has the differing view than themselves and putting up a proper argument why I am wrong.

Sadly our society has not always been like this but has become increasingly that way in recent years as the strangle hold of Corporations, Conservative Establishments and Neoliberalism on Western Society.

If this is not stopped soon it will stagnate and eventually destroy Western Society as we need people with diverse beliefs in a wide range of things from Politics to even Religion as the only way things can move forward is via the discussions between such people which brings up other issues, solves them and existing issues.

It would bring back a dynamic in our society which has been lost in our modern world!
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