The Broken United Kingdom

Posted: 11 August, 2016 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

It is one of those times when we should reflect on the state of our country as it is certainly broken socially, culturally and morally.

Everyone is focused on the battle within the Labour Party not really understanding what it actually represents which is a wider battle between the people and an establishment which has successfully ruled the United Kingdom though their definition of being successful does mean a small minority thrive on the back of the majority.

Here in the United Kingdom it is a reflection of how our society has been not one unified entity but a divided stratified society that is a class ridden society. Something which most people in the modern United Kingdom thought has finally laid to rest but sadly it is still very alive and kicking with even more evil dimension.

It may not be as clear as it once was but it is still there though now the upper class do not consist of the nobles of the past but the rich 1% who are now a mixture of the remains of the noble families, new money and powerful industrialists/media moguls with exactly same view that they have the right to rule the country. These people now forming the self-perpetuating establishment which rules this country with a iron hand.

Much like their predecessors they almost have the feeling they have the divine right to rule even to a point that they will us any method to keep themselves in power including using their lackeys in Parliament to pass laws to stop people from questioning them. This further aided by their lackeys in the media to feed the masses a constant stream of propaganda that they are the only ones who can protect them from the evil world outside which is full of wars, terrorists and evil foreigners who really do not like this country.

It is all very elegant and so well done the masses of the United Kingdom have fell for this trick of smoke and mirrors to a point they do not even question the establishment even when it slowly erodes their freedoms and rights to consolidate it power even more. This to a point the establishment now can openly do such things knowing the masses will not question them any more.

What makes this establishment even worse is the fact they are as corrupt as the nobility which proceeded them even more so as the establishment now represents a 1% of United Kingdom society who will keep hold onto power and wealth by any means even by lying, cheating even killing people who get in their way. All while looking like an establishment who really cares for society, culture and people of the United Kingdom.

As I said the struggle within the Labour party represents the starting battle between the people of the United Kingdom and this establishment with the Labour voters representing the people and those 171 Labour MPs in Parliament representing the establishment.

The 171 Labour MPs are the establishment who actually believe they have the right to be in Parliament because they were voted in by Labour voters themselves and they are only ones who can make decisions for the voters because they are MPs. This regardless of the fact they were voted in to represent the people’s political views they have become part of the establishment hence in the end they do not serve the people any more but the establishment at the expense of the people.

Then came Mr Corbyn who stood up and simply said that the Labour party was a socialist democratic party which is run for the people not a select few Labour MPs in Parliament. He stood up and said that the government must be more answerable to the people and work for the benefit of the people not for an elite represented by the establishment.

Just by saying this he has opened a whole can of worms which had brought down the whole fury of the establishment as Mr Corbyn has dared to question the establishments right to rule. The establishment is not fighting fairly, we should of never expected them to, and now are systematically attempting to destroy Mr Corbyn and the people who support him.

They are using the media to paint a picture of the Labour struggle as a battle between the left and right of the Labour party falling back on to old views that Mr Corbyn and his supporters are socialists and communists bend on destroying the country. But the tales are not working so well on a growing number of people here in the United Kingdom as the growing desperation in their anti-Corbyn stories which some have been proved to be lies and gross distortions of the truth.

What I am saying we should look beyond Mr Corbyn and the Labour party civil war to society as a whole as the battle within the Labour party represents a battle we all must fight sooner than later to fix this country as if we do not fight it soon this country will be destroyed by an establishment which puts power, greed and money first and such things like morals, humanity and compassion second as they are bad for business.

It is not Mr Corbyn and his supporters who are breaking the United Kingdom but the establishment itself which puts its own self interests before the very country it claims it rules!

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