Getting Lost In Red!

Posted: 11 August, 2016 in Comment, Life, politics

Those of you out there cannot of helped but not notice that my politics has become more red in recent months especially after the EU Referendum here in the United Kingdom, that is more socialist and less liberal.

Though to be fair my politics always had some socialist elements to it but over recent months because of what is happening here in the United Kingdom I have found myself becoming more and more anti-right wing especially Conservative because of their anti-European stance and the erosion economically, socially, morally and in my basic human rights all in the name of making the United Kingdom a safer, more prosperous and richer country.

The effect from where I stand is to make the United Kingdom into a country run by rich few at the expense of majority where moral, human rights even freedom of speech are sacrificed by a government not for the greater good but for an all ready super rich to make even more money at the expense of everyone else.

So in this background and the fact for the second time in my life time I have had to live through a Conservative Government which follows Neoliberalism policies at the expense of the people and the country itself which always leaves the country worse off than it started or results in a false boom which is always followed by deeper recession. Each time the country does not move on but goes backwards in so many ways and loses the respect of the world.

The first time being that of Mrs Thatcher’s Conservative Government of the 1990s which has many parallels of the current Conservative government of Mrs May and the previous one under Mr Cameron.

I want hope and I want things to be different not the some old government policies who help few and are leading the country into disaster all because of a defunct and now discredited political ideology called Neoliberalism which from my own observations has never worked and never work just how hard you try.

In this background I have finally got fed up of the Conservatives, Liberals and with the advent of Mr Corbyn who has shown by his actions and sheer belief in himself has given me a new hope and belief that the politics of the United Kingdom does not have to follow the path of the Conservatives and their now defunct Neoliberalism policies.

There is an alternative envisioned by Mr Corbyn and his supporters which returns back to a more modernised socialism which embraces the ideas of a fair, inclusive, community and a progressive United Kingdom which reflects a more modern world rather than old world and archaic of our the current United Kingdom under the Conservatives.

We need to reset the balance of this country back towards its socialist roots which created the NHS and encouraged people to get more involved in politics and the community. If we do not there is no real hope for this country as currently it is heading towards a big fall it will never recover from.

So as I grow older and more frustrated with the world around me my politics and views have become more and more socialist to a point I actually joined the Labour Party. I have become more sure that the hope and dreams of a better future here in this country lies in a future which involves more socialist views here not in conservative views.

In the end I am getting lost in the red of socialism!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

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