Frustration Turning Into Anger!

Posted: 6 July, 2016 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

As the days turn into weeks since the EU Referendum here in the United Kingdom and nothing has been done either way other than those responsible running away from the mess they created and those in power just seem to be lost what to do next!

Add to this only hope for the country, one Mr Corbyn and a real left-wing party, who could unite the country and finally take if forward to a new brighter future is being attacked by an establishment out of fear that they will lose their power and the people finally will not need them any more.

This an unrelenting attack on Mr Corbyn which now threaten the very basis of our democracy, freedom and the very unity of the country itself. It is fast turning from a battle of a popular Labour leader against those Labour MPs who have sided with the establishment against their own socialist principles to a battle for Britain itself.

It is quickly turning into a battle between the people and the very people who rule them in Parliament and the elite within the establishment and British society. It is starting to overshadow Brexit the very cause which started this whole sorry affair.

In the end this battle between the Labour voters who voted in the very Labour MPs they voted in not accepting the leader they selected for the Labour Party. Basically those Labour MPs who are opposing Mr Corbyn as leader of their party are showing a disrespect to both their own voters and very process they claim to support that is democracy.

As I can see it if Mr Corbyn loses and the rebel Labour MPs it will be last nail in the great cornerstone of what made the United Kingdom great and well respected in the world that is our Democracy. It will mean the establishment and the MPs within Parliament will become even more remote and ineffective as a government only catering to a elite and privileged few within British society and we can kiss our democracy, freedoms and tolerant society good-bye.

Those of you who out there who say this is a grim and dark future if Mr Corbyn loses have not been watching recent events here in the United Kingdom in so much the systematic removal of our rights, including human rights, in the name of security and business; the growing gap between the rich and poor; systematic vilifying of the disabled, unemployed and poor and growing right-wing press run by moguls who spout right-wing, bigoted and government propaganda as the truth.

As the weeks go on after the EU Referendum my frustration with what is happening here in the United Kingdom politically, socially and morally is turning into a real anger at people around me and the country as a whole.

I used to be proud to be British and English but after recent events I am now ashamed to be British and even more ashamed to be born an Englishman. Our behaviour as a country and people has been shameful and not that of real British and Englishman which is to knuckle down and get things sorted out rather than blame everyone for our problems as we do now!

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