A Bitter Pill To Take!

Posted: 24 June, 2016 in Comment, Europe, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

I woke up this morning to the bitterest pill I ever had to take in my life with the result of EU Referendum here in the United Kingdom which was for Leave the EU.

It was really a roller-coaster of feeling this morning which ranged from despair, fear to anger at my fellow countrymen here in England being so stupid to destroy the country and plunge it into economic turmoil simply because of fear of immigration and out-dated patriotism come nationalism.

Then as I walked into work I started to think that it exactly what I needed in my life to finally move on to better things and the world is my oyster. If the people around me have decided as a country to move backwards that I do not have to do the same but turn a something potentially bad into an opportunity to grow and move onto better things.

I will admit it is a very scary prospect currently but in the end it will mean I finally move on something even better and break me out of a rut my life has become.

There has been one good thing come out of today is that I am stronger than I think I am and for the first time in my life I never been so sure about something in so much leaving the EU is worse thing this country has ever done and I am not afraid to stand up and say it!

Unlike England and it’s people who live under a media driven fear of immigrants and terrorist, I have moved froward towards a life not blighted by fear but a more positive life of passion and a real belief in myself.

It may been a bitter pill to take this morning but it may in the end the biggest opportunity in my life which I should grasp with both hands.

The most surprising thing is at the end of the day I may be very angry with my fellow countryman but I am very upbeat about my future!

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