Extreme Measures But Need to Be Done!

Posted: 18 April, 2016 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

I am coming to conclusion the United Kingdom, much like Australia, should have compulsory voting as it is time to force those people to take part in our Democracy as by not doing so they are damaging it more than ever the Conservatives ever will!

This may be an extreme view in some people’s minds but I am fed up of living in a country with a large majority of people who give lip service to our democracy but do not take part in it.

Democracy by definition means we all take part running the country not a few!

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  1. Ken Linder says:

    A big part of the problem is the actual Westminster system. It is in orbit around party politics. It has always bern corrupt. It was intended to be corrupt. It was very specifically created as a set of slow compromises (often to revolts) from absolute feudalism forward. Each change existed to make it APPEAR that the people had more rights and freedoms, and those in charge were more accountable. .. but each change was also AGREED to by the nasty people in charge already, who were bent on deception. They had no intention of giving up any power. The eventual “democratic” system inherited this legacy of corruption. Those in power lie continually and refuse to put candidates forward who are worth voting for. If you don’t vote you have no voice. If you do vote the best you can do is vote for the equavelent of “a bully who hits you in a different location”.

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