Depression: A Careless Remark Can Hurt the Most!

Posted: 14 March, 2016 in Comment, depression, Life

I suspect everyone who has suffered or is suffering depression will know this fact that a careless remark, even when made in jest, can really hurt someone who suffers depression. The other person not really understanding both the power of their words and the fact that with all the emotional, confidence and self-esteem issues a person suffering depression the words can really hurt the person suffering the depression emotionally.

They do not see the effects of their words on the person in question mainly because of a lack of understanding on their part and the person who has the depression puts on a face that everything is fine and the remark did not effect them at all. Those of us who suffer depression know we are good actors and we can hide our true emotions behind a front of being happy and well balanced behind which we are a mess of emotions!

It is not that someone not suffering depression treat people with depression with kid gloves but a simple fact people should simply learn the simple fact that what they say to someone can have a profound effect on them. This includes simple flippant remarks made in jest.

People need to be taught at school or by their parents that what they do or say to someone else can have both have a positive or negative effect on them and the lesson drummed into them. This simple lesson will make lives so much simpler when they are older and reduce the stress between people when they interact with each other.

Myself I only leant this lesson when I finally did something about my depression in my 40s at which point I woke up to the fact my actions and words did have an effect on others both in a positive and negative way. All highlighted by the fact at the height of my depression my negative attitude had a real effect on others especially those who could not cope with the attitude. Only those who who cared about me had real resilience to cope with my constant negative attitude stuck with me.

One thing someone who has learnt to live with their depression, like myself, learn as they come in terms with it, is the fact what we say and do as people has a real effect on those around us. We also learn that we have to think before we say anything to someone and watch what we say even if a flippant remark made in jest.

The one time depression has a very beneficial effect on the sufferer as we learn to live with it we learn the true power of words and what we say to others. Something sadly most people fail to learn this lesson and do damage to those around them because their lack of understanding of the power of words!

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