A Time For Free Thinkers Not Sheep!

Posted: 1 March, 2016 in Comment, Life, Society

As the media around us batter us with a constant dark picture of the world. That is a constant diet of war, terrorism and disasters tinged with openly right wing agenda almost to a point of promoting racism, homophobia and twisted Christian ethics which do not even resemble the truth ethics of the Christian religion.

All this to keep the masses in the West in line by use of fear if they do not follow the so called masters within the right-wing establishment made up of the top 1% super rich people all this evil will destroy the West and it’s precious society. Regardless the fact it this very establishment which is actually destroying the West with their greed and grab for power at the expense of the masses freedoms and quality of their lives.

With all what is going on it has come time for free thinkers to start to speak out and scream from the roof tops that what is happening in the West is wrong and it will lead to the real destruction of everything from within and not from external forces.

It is time for free thinkers to call for real change in the West as without change it is currently doomed to failure on a massive scale.

It is not time for sheep any more who live under the illusion everything is still all right as one day they will wake up with no freedoms with lives of constant work in servitude to rich few who lives of extreme wealth on the backs of their hard work within a world ravaged by those who use it rather than loved it.

So it is time for free thinkers not sheep!

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