Beating a Retreat For My Sanity!

Posted: 22 February, 2016 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

As few days ago Mr Cameron our PM here in the United Kingdom finally announces the EU Referendum into whether the United Kingdom stay in or not on 23rd June 2016 which means the real fight for the future of the United Kingdom starts.

The fight has been turned into a fight for the very future of the United Kingdom as a true democracy by the extreme right wing here who have pinned their flag on the leave EU option using the nationalist, independent and fear of Muslims as an argument to leave the EU. Add to this they are using blatant lies and fear to paint the EU as evil left wing anti democracy state who want to take our independence regardless that is far from the truth.

The extreme right wing here have now made the EU Referendum more than just if we want to leave or stay within the EU but now whether we want a state dominated by an authoritarian state run by right wing parties outside of Europe or we move forward as a country which embraces a real democracy which includes all the people as part of Europe.

This is all because of Mr Cameron and his Government failure to curve the extreme Right Wing here in the United Kingdom regardless of the fact they have been told that these extremists are far more dangerous to the security of the United Kingdom than any Muslim terrorist will ever be.

What they have meant the EU Referendum now has been poisoned and it will now split society within the United Kingdom between the right and left regardless of the result of the referendum. By Mr Cameron and his Government to curve the extreme right they have created a dangerous situation in this country which could end up in conflict regardless of the result.

This in my view is intolerable situation which could have been handled far better both by the government and media of the United Kingdom who have turned the whole referendum into a joke and not on actual issues but on whether we want a real democracy or a right wing one party state,

Add to this nether side of the Anti-European or Pro-European have given good account of themselves each giving misleading and confusing information required for people here to make a real change to decide which is best option for the country in a considered manor.

What we all get from both sides is a confused, distorted even in the case of the Anti-European side blatant lies and distortions of truth. The right link leaving the EU to a twisted patriotism and national with the pipe dream of United Kingdom standing independent against a world regardless from the fact the United Kingdom has always been a part of the world on all levels from our society to trade.

So in the end people here simply do not understand or can even make a real decision about the future of the United Kingdom within the EU. Instead most people are frankly ignorant or fed up of the whole situation already because of the actions of both Anti-European and Pro-European groups. In the end it is highly likely few people will actually vote and those will vote not fully understanding what they voting for and the real effect it is going have on the United Kingdom.

Regardless of who wins the result will not show the true feeling of the people of the United Kingdom as the whole basis of the EU Referendum is already flawed and poisoned by actions of all the groups involved in the campaign itself.

In the end I will vote to stay in Europe as I believe the United Kingdom as part of a strong United Europe which will ensure our democracy and our place in the world will be safer. Add to this I feel more European than British as I unlike others around me look at the bigger picture rather than shorter picture of petty nationalism and patriotism which always lead to most evil excesses of people.

On top of this I will over the coming months I will observe the two groups but I will distance myself from both sides even a point of keeping quieter than usual. I have started by changing who I follow on Twitter removing the political based groups I am following. All this is to reduce the anxiety the whole EU Referendum has started to build up which has started to aggravate my depression in very bad way.

It would be nice to be more involved but I will have to put my health first and when the dust settles after the referendum regardless of the result think seriously if I really want to live in United Kingdom which is intent on both destroying itself and others around it. A country which cannot currently change even when change is needed for our society and country finally move into the 21st Century and beyond.

All this sound like I am giving up but I really have far more important things in life to deal with at the moment and whatever happens I will make the best of what is given to me or around me.

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