Is It Worth It Any More?

Posted: 16 February, 2016 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

In the end with all that is going on in the world especially here in United Kingdom with the constant bombardment of a right wing press which paints a picture of a world which is falling to bits with constant terrorist attacks, wars and evils of immigrants. All made worse by the fact people are starting to actually believe this sick, twisted cocktail of lies and half truths printed by the media regardless of being presented evidence that proves the lies and half truths are false.

Add to this in United Kingdom as our politics heads for self destruction of our economy and society of our country aided by right wing press and government intent on promoting hate, bigotry and even twist Christian values which suit their own proposes. All made worse by a Conservative government lead by Mr Cameron who insist of still having a EU referendum regardless of the fact it is poorly timed as it has brought out the extreme right wing here in United Kingdom along with it’s destructive effect on society.

All I currently see here in the United Kingdom now a country being destroyed from within between those pro and anti Europeans which now correspond to left and right of the politics but now I see this going towards more open and destructive conflict between the two groups.

Either way if the United Kingdom stays or leave the EU the damage has been done here in the United Kingdom and Europe as Mr Cameron and the Conservative government has single handedly damaged both the United Kingdom and Europe with petty and small minded nationalist policy under the guise of independence and patriotism!

We here in the United Kingdom either way not face the possibility of very bitter even violent politics after the referendum either way it goes. Plus a possibility it will be enough to break up the Union once and for all time especially if we leave Europe as Scotland will not want to associate with right wing England. Even Wales will start to wonder if it even worth it association with England. A once great nation will be reduced either way to a group of states which cannot or unwilling to work together any more because of the actions of English government which put it’s petty nationalist need before the good of the nation and Union.

So I am getting to a point of wondering why is it worth it any more commenting or do anything about those destroying this country of mine in the name of petty nationalism and destructive patriotism as after all large majority of the people of United Kingdom are very happy to allow others do the thinking for them regardless if in the end it is them who will suffer.

Can any one out there remind me why it is worth it?

As I am starting to think of an exit plan to leave the United Kingdom, my country of birth, because I do not like my country or people any more and I am very ashamed of what they have become!

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