Getting Harder To Believe Any More!

Posted: 15 February, 2016 in Comment, Life, Society

I want back to work today after two weeks off not with usual annoyance about the fact that I was back at work with all the hassle that comes with it but with a feeling I do not believe in what I am doing is right any more. Not on the level of the job itself but I am part of a society I do not believe in any more!

After both recent events and series of events over the past decades which have occurred both here in the United Kingdom and World. Strangely it is not wars or terrorism which we are lead to believe comes from the Muslim world as all my life I have lived under the threat of terrorist and there has never been real peace in our World. It is not the threat of Putin in Russia as all through my life I have been lived by a Russia, in the form of the USSR, who could of attacked and overrun Europe at any time and did not because with all their talk they are not that stupid.

It is Western Society and Capitalism I have lost faith in as over the past decade I have watched a Western World lose it way in so much it has become greedy, shallow and stagnant. It’s governments and establishments keep making the same mistakes again and again retreating back to what they know as the world around them grinds to a halt. Looking after a small elite who get richer on the backs of a growing poor and shrinking middle class.

Add to this I am constantly bombarded with a media which promotes apathy, shallow ideas of celebrity, fear of a terrorist threat which is simply not there and now openly permutes racist, homophobic even fundamental Christian ideals as something we should believe in or accept as normal. All this to keep those rich and powerful in power and rest of people in line using fear and art of divide and conquer to subdue them. All this made worse as I see people around me actually falling for this propaganda around me ending up almost automatons who serve an uncaring society and establishment.

It is getting harder everyday to believe in the society, government, establishment even corporations which puts itself, power and wealth before people which make them up, serve them and buy off them. All made worse as each day they by their actions have made me feel powerless and disconnected from a world around me which I an starting not want to be part of any more.

I am like lot of people out there who feel like myself want the world to change not in small way but radically and in a fundamental way as if it does not we are all doomed. People like myself will literally find a way to turn our back on the world and give up.

It is getting harder everyday to believe in society, work and the world!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

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