Gravity Waves: A Massive Leap Forward!

Posted: 12 February, 2016 in Comment, Life, Science

The discovery of gravity waves this week has sort of made the word of another Scientist who claimed we are getting to a point we cannot possibly discovery anything else sound hollow and from a man who admitting defeat.

I think outside the science world I suspect that few people will understand the real significance of this discovery but it has just opened up a whole new lines of scientific research the major of which, for myself, the real possibility we are one of many universes, that is a multiverse.

It is certainly an exciting times in world of science especially in fields of Physics and Cosmology all at variance of the rest of the Scientific and Technology fields which have stagnated in our modern world. It highlights why such pure research rather than research to make money is so important as in the end pure research always produces results which always prove more useful while research to make money fails.

This discovery has made a currently mundane world into something which is far more exciting and full of possibilities. It has given me faith that out there are are those real scientists, dreamers and individuals who can change the world and truly make a difference.

I have to smile at all those people who said science, especially Physics, was boring certainly will be eating their words over the next few years!

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