Imagination: The Lost Land!

Posted: 5 February, 2016 in Comment, imagination, Life

Something recently said to me got me thinking about the way our society for decades has suppressed people imagination even our ability to dream. Regardless of what I have always said recently it is not a recent phenomenon but something which has been going on for decades certainly after the 1960s.

I have been luckier than most people as my childhood I was never stopped though not really encouraged to use my imagination or dream but outside of my childhood home I lived in a world which never really encouraged such behaviours if anything subtly suppressed it. Especially at school which tended to promote idea of a more bland life of work and so called normality. The result is always the same in so much most people’s imagination and dreams become unimportant replaced by a work ethic with no room for the real fun side of life.

This did colour most of my life in so much I knuckled down to work with little real enthusiasm for life in general. Though I managed to still exercise my imagination as I still managed to play and run role-playing games. In my case it was also suppressed by my underlying depression.

It is only now after I have done something about my depression and finally figured out the most important for keeping your mental health good is allowing your imagination and dreams free as in the end it is part of what makes us human in the first place. So now because I allow myself to be more creative and dream more I am starting to feel much better about myself and happier inside. This something which has not happened in decades.

But this is at a time when this insidious suppression of people’s imagination and dreaming has become worse, even institutionalised, in our society around us to a point they use peer pressure to keep people in line. We are forced into what someone else thinks is normal and acceptable that is someone who works hard, always follows orders and does nothing to rock the boat. That is a wonderfully compliment people easily controlled by te powers to be.

We are constantly fed this image of normality and compliance throughout our media even down to entertainment we are fed via our television. Add to this an encouragement from the powers to be for people to chastise anyone who shows an inkling of imagination, dreaming or even a uniqueness mostly by making the person in question feel so small and uncomfortable.

In the end we are creating a society which lacks a spark of life given by people who use their imagination or dreams to move it forward. We are producing a society which is doomed for failure because it will eventually stagnate on so many levels.

But as always people nowadays are blind to what is happening around them just happy to live their lives grateful for the little scraps the powers to be give them never knowing they really have the power to change the way things are because they were told they do not have the power to do so.

So we are creating a society where both imagination and dreams have become a lost land to most people!

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