Grey Technology For Grey People By Grey People!

Posted: 29 January, 2016 in Comment, Life, technology

The biggest irony of the modern world is that a growing number of people are turning their backs on modern technology going back to older technologies especially with media because they believe the new technology strips the soul out of the media because it is too perfect.

Add to this a growing number of people are turning their back on the modern world and turning to Steampunk which embarrasses a Neo-Victorian technology and its look. That is machines full of cogs, gears and the such made to look beautiful and truly engineered unlike modern technology which looks bland, lifeless which has took functionality to an extreme.

With all this happening and fall of the sale of technology in general, regardless of the credit crunch, the big technology corporations have not got this simple fact and continue to produce the same old technology again and again in the same bland and unimaginative packages. It is as if they are still stuck in a 1980s and 1990s afraid to move forward or change.

If they do not wake up soon they will kill off technology on a fundamental level and turn people off technology for good which they will be responsible for stagnation of our society and technology in the Western World. Though the more paranoid may say it is part of a plan for the few to control the world by dragging people down to sheep who expect little from technology and be grateful for any crumbs the technology companies give them.

But I am of the opinion that the actions of these big Technology Companies will backfire and in the end they will be real losers. As the fact that people are starting to turn away from their bland technology and turn towards older technologies because the newer technology simply failed to make life easier and more productive which results a fall in their sales.

Add to the rise of the Open Source movement which produces technologies, be it software or operating systems, which produce technologies which are created by the people for the people not technologies which cost an arm and leg whose functionality is suspect.

All in all if the big technology companies keep on their present path of grey and unimaginative technology they will find themselves in the cold eclipsed by smaller companies and people who return back the imagination, innovation and fun back to technology will start to eclipse them. We can already see it happening with the return of vinyl and film but as always these companies stick their heads in the sand hoping it will go way.

But it is not as there are too many people out there like myself who want more than grey technology for grey people made by grey people and prepared to fight for it!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

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