What Do People Do Not Get?

Posted: 17 January, 2016 in Computer, social networks, World Wide Web

I still do not get the fact that some people out there do not who still do not get that posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and the such is in the public domain unless they specify otherwise.

It is as if they do not get they are connected to a worldwide network which accessible by billions of people, groups, governments and even governments, though in this case most governments have failed to grasp the concept of the internet which is another story.

So still I regally hear stories of people around me of people who have posted things on Facebook which have landed them in trouble both at work and with other people simply because they did not understand what they posted was public.

Though in the end I suspect more that none has never pointed out to them that posting on a social network is public unless you specify otherwise. It might have been an idea if someone did as it would of saved a lot of people, even celebrities, a lot of red faces!

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