Wakie-Wakie There is a Mr Cameron is About!

Posted: 16 January, 2016 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

As our Prime Minster, Mr Cameron, and the Conservatives here in the United Kingdom take apart the basic fabric of the government from the National Health Service to Social Security all in the effort to reduce the deficit which frankly not being borne out by the official figures which I have believed ended up costing the country more money rather than reducing the deficit.

On top of this the government under Mr Cameron is also eroding the personal freedom of the citizens of the United Kingdom including allowing the Security Services to officially snoop people’s emails and where they go on the internet and putting in place laws to stop people being radicalised by extreme Muslims over the internet which is so flimsy it could finally curtail the freedom of speech here in the United Kingdom on the Internet.

Under this law potentially even myself writing this blog criticizing the British Prime Minister and Government could be regarded as radical in the government eyes and potentially get me arrested even imprisoned. This my sound a bit extreme but in the current world situation with Mr Trump in United States and European Referendum here in United Kingdom could be very near to the truth if we do not change our path.

The one question I have to ask the people around me in the United Kingdom which is just when are you going to wake up to what is happening in this country?

Or are you just going to be sheep and blindly walk into a future when you have little real say in your life and freedom of speech in a Corporate State?

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