British Press: The Purveyor of Lies?

Posted: 6 January, 2016 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

What has certainly become very apparent, even very blatant, over the past few years just how some British Newspapers have become purveyors of half lies twisting the truth of stories for their own means. That is deliberately misquoting people, talking things out of context now even printing stories which are not based on truth but on unsupported hearsay.

The main culprits here in the United Kingdom being The Sun, The Telegraph both supported by the Sky New Channel and The Daily Mail who have been following their own right wing agenda which includes spreading fear about Middle Eastern Terrorists, stoking the fires of Anti-Muslim in certain parts of society to even spreading Anti-European by pandering to the far right nationalists here in the United Kingdom.

The proof of how blatant they have become came out after the recent Paris Terrorist attack after which both The Sun and The Daily Mail both had headlines which claimed, later proved unfounded, that the terrorists who did the attacks in Paris came in with the Syrian refugees. After which both newspapers were ordered by the Press Commission to print an apology for the misleading headlines.

This was just one of recent stories the newspapers in question have had to print apology for the others including stories about the new Labour Leader Mr Corbyn which were part of a very blatant slur campaign by the said newspapers.

In the case of both The Sun and The Telegraph we should not be surprised as their owner, one Mr Murdoch, has been trying for years to gain political power here in the United Kingdom using his newspapers to promote his right wing aspirations for power. This further proved by his very close ties to Mr Cameron which looks from where I am a very corrupt relationship which threatens our democracy on a very fundamental level.

What is worrying Mr Murdoch himself is only the tip of an iceberg here as he is just one of such rich persons who using the media here in United Kingdom to promote their right wing views and gain more political power at the expense of the ordinary people here in the United Kingdom.

This to some people out here will sound like the ramblings of yet another left wing activist but if these people has actually listening to the difference the British Press has been printing about the events around the world compared to the International Press could not of failed to notice this right wing bias and feeding to anti-Muslim feeling a majority of British Press has been printing.

Though I suspect that the large majority of the citizens of United Kingdom really do not care as it is easier to believe what is printed in a press which had the most integrity for its reporting rather than believe they are being manipulated by small group of very rich shadowy figures.

Once again some peoples apathy allows these newspapers and their owners to print such blatant right wing anti-Muslim propaganda in their newspapers so it carries on unchecked especially under a Conservative Government lead by Prime Minister who really looks as if he in the pockets of the newspaper owners in question.

As I said before one day people will wake up to find their freedoms gone living under the heavy boots of a government supported by corporations who use fear of the likes of Muslims to keep them in line with punitive laws in the name of security.

A grim thought which must be thought so people wake up what is happening before it is too late!

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