Second Life Highlights An Issue!

Posted: 2 January, 2016 in Comment, Computer, World Wide Web

Once again in a conversion with someone who never experienced the virtual world Second Life who thought it was a game not what it has actually become a vibrant and colourful social network. That is a place where people meet socialise some of which would normally not be able to get out of their homes for various reasons.

This further enforced by a Computer Gaming industry which still fails to grasp the simple fact what Second Life has become. Though we should not be surprised by this as both the industry and it’s players tend to be very focus on their games to a point they tend to be socially inept and extremely closed as individuals. Over the past few years gamers have not helped their causes by blatant discrimination against female players as it is still a male dominated industry and hobby.

But what this highlights is a real issue with some who socialise on the internet which can be directly attributed to this gamers attitude towards games in general in so much they have become detracted from people in general and seam to have lost the ability to associate people with images and words with the real people behind them.

This has rubbed off on general users of social networks and the such who have followed the gamers along the same path. The upshot of which people think it is acceptable to verbally bully, abuse even say anything they want even if it is criminal as they have this strange disassociation that they are somehow anonymous and safe on the internet.

But one thing all have forgotten and those of us who have the perception already know you cannot hide behind words or an avatar on the internet as your words and actions there can have the same effect and land you in as much trouble, even legally, much as face to face encounters of people.

The internet does not protect you or gives you the right to treat people badly or with disrespect.

It is a simple fact much as face to face interactions when dealing with people on the internet you are dealing with a real person who has real feeling and issues. Just because the interactions are via words, Avatar even within a game it is no different than dealing with them face to face.

In conclusion when you are interacting people on the internet you are still interacting with a REAL PERSON and you cannot hide behind the internet as you will be still have to face results of your bad behaviour there.

What I find so sad even after 20 years of the internet some people still cannot get this simple concept!

As a final note there are gamers and employees within Game Industry who do get this concept but they form a quiet majority who seam almost afraid to speak out for some reason!

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