Time We Took Britain Back!

Posted: 20 December, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

I can imagine those who read the title and decided to read this journal entry were expecting yet another right wing rant complaining about those immigrants, Muslims and Communists who are ruining Britain but they are going to be disappointed!

I am not talking about their Britain as it is an evil fantasy which will result in more than just immigrants, Muslims and Communists suffering but everyone who dares to criticize or does not fit their ideas of a White and Christian Britain. A Britain in which both free speech and free thought will be ruthlessly suppressed. A Britain where the CCTV in towns and cities will not be used as currently to help fight crime but used to make sure people tow the party line and show no deviant behaviour.

There will be those reading this who will think this will never happen here in Britain and I have painted a very dark picture of our future. But if they had actually paying attention to what has been going on around them would of noticed that the extreme right even within the conservative part of our society have been openly talking about institutionalised bigotry and spying of it’s citizens in the name of security against, as I keep saying, the perceived Muslim Terrorists.

This finally highlighted in the United States with Donald Trump actually voicing what the conservatives both sides of the Atlantic have been thinking though I suspect he really does not understand he is being used by an establishment who wants more power at any cost.

My personal view these are only the views of a minority people here in Britain as the large majority of British are like myself have always lived in a country which has always had immigrants and lived under the threat of terrorist attack for decades without letting either be a problem and go on with their lives. The only sad thing is these people are not vocal enough so they have allowed the right to gain the upper hand in the propaganda wars.

It is time for these people to start to take Britain back from those who want to destroy what has always made Britain a great nation and shining example to the rest of the world. It is time they start to be more vocal and fight for the things which represent a real Britain that is a tolerant, multi-cultural and multi-religious country which is at the centre of a strong democratic Europe.

I will admit I am a Pro-European, Antifascist whose politics is centre to left but I have lived all my life in Britain and over the years observed a country which has always welcomed new people, ways and things new. Something which currently being suppressed in the name of an outdated concept called nationalism.

I would ask if people who agree with me start to start, like myself, to post their views on social media in effort to both drown out the right here in Britain and give a truer picture of our great country. Finally in an effort to take our country back from the right for all the real people here in Britain!

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