Journal of a Lost Soul Part DXXIV

Posted: 20 December, 2015 in Journal, Life

It has been a long run up to Christmas as I have 2 days to go of 8 day run of shifts at work before I get a day off. It will be a fun day as we have the fun of doing our food shopping for Christmas Day which certainly this year going to be a spend festival due to a windfall I got.

This all at the contrast of last year which was a more stressful time due to lack of money and issues at work. Even with long run of shifts before Christmas I am still far more relaxed than last year and still going to enjoy a nice quiet Christmas with my partner and dogs. All made even better with the prospect of a better New Year ahead which is full of hope and things new for us both here.

Though currently my body is really complaining about the long run of shifts with a pulled muscle in my shoulder and a cold which is insisting it does not want to go and making breathing a little interesting. But it is more of a inconvenience which I am not going to allow it to bring me down.

Only sad thing is about this time of year is everything outside of work go on hold which is never helped by Christmas and New Year. But at least once things have settled down here I hope to get back to creating and writing more especially after the New Year.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

Please Note: If you are interested in my home page just follow the link to Experiment No. 3.


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