Donald Trump Has Highlighted The Absurdity of Fascism!

Posted: 11 December, 2015 in Comment, Life, politics

In his strange way Donald Trump has highlighted the absurdity of fascism and what it really means to those who had forgotten or thought it would never happen again in our modern world. It is one of these cases when someone is caught in their own delusions voices them to world around them brings people back to earth and they realise what they were thinking is wrong on so many levels.

This once again is a told you so moment my end as did point out in my journals here again and again what this unfounded hate of Muslims would lead to in the Western World, Donald Trump twice currently voiced the direction this hate of Muslims would lead that is his suggestions that all Muslims in United States to ware badges in public and the banning of Muslims entering the United States.

I find this very sad as people world wide have walked into this situation with their eyes closed especially in the United States and not do something early about the rise of the extreme right wing regardless if they had paid attention to modern history it would lead to innocent people being discriminated against even killed.

All the warning messages where very evident both in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe that the extreme right wing was on the rise using the perceived terrorist threat of Daesh to build a power based on the hated of Muslims claiming that all Muslims were terrorist and a threat to the West. But people chose to close their eyes thinking that such groups could not get into power again.

But Donald Trump has shown just how close to real power some of these extreme Right Wing groups have got in the Western World to a point where they can now publicly and openly spread their message of hate targeted currently at Muslims. He has also shown the absurdity of fascism in so much it is not real politics but a litany of pure hate against someone whose only crime was to believe in the wrong religion, colour or skin or is different to their twisted views of normal.

The Western World should take Donald Trump rise as a warning and step back from the path it has chosen towards a hatred of a people who are innocent and also suffering greatly at the hands of same Muslim terrorists. These being the Muslims who have suffered more at the hand of these Terrorists than the West ever has after all why would the Syrians leave their homeland to a world which is full of people who hate them as that is better than them staying in Syria.

What needs to come out of the whole sad Donald Trump affair is people to stop and think about the direction the West is going as we do not Donald Trump will be the first of many such people in public life who will spread this litany of hate which will not stop with Muslims but will grow to include homosexuals, Non-Christians, Socialists and anyone who dares to be different.

Time I think that people in the West need to wake up to the direction our societies are going before it is too late as ypu really do not want people like me telling you I told you so again!

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