Change is Not to Be Feared!

Posted: 11 December, 2015 in Comment, Life

One thing that were I worked highlighted to me especially when some people there have failed to change to the new way of doing things a new manager and if anything have retreated to their old ways of doing thing how some people simply cannot or will not change with the changing world around them. It is almost as if they are afraid to change in any form.

Frankly I find this a very unhealthy attitude to have both for individual to groups to have as after all he world around us is a world of constant change some of which occur in regular patterns which we have no choice but adapt to.

Change is not something to fear but something which is going to happen regardless if we try to fight it and if anything we should embrace it totally. I will admit some thing will always be the same and some changes will take a long time to a point we hardly notice the change itself.

Those people or groups who fight any change really are not doing themselves a service as by doing so they are stagnating as people and groups. If anything they will not grow up as people or groups if anything they will end up destroying themselves on so many levels.

Myself as I have grown older, especially in last two decades, I have changed more than most of my life which has meant I have finally started to grow up and become more contented in myself. Life may not be perfect for me but the fact I can now accept change my future looks far more rosier and far more interesting.

I would recommend to people to embrace change as after all if I had not I’d still be alone in the grips of my depression rather than living with my partner, messing with Linux Computers even writing these journals.

In conclusion change is good and stagnation is bad!

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