Journal of a Lost Soul Part DXIX

Posted: 23 November, 2015 in Journal, Life

Work at last is becoming less and less part of my life as things at work finally settle down to quiet routine and lot more relaxed for everyone. Strangely when management is replaced with a management which encourages people to move forward and expand their skills within the store the store moves on to the next level and people perform so much better.

Sadly one of the previous managers will not learn from the change in the store and still try the arcane method of beating people in the misguided belief that people will perform better. They are destined much like a large majority of British Management to the top to make the same mistakes and never move forward.

Life outside of work is sort on hold mainly because my depression is acting up again mainly because of effect of Winter and the shorter days which always drops my mood. It does mean currently I am constantly tired and feeling useless regardless of the fact my life in truth is not that bad though not perfect. But to be frank whose life is ever perfect as always we have to compromise and do the best with what we have.

Though this time of year always ends up work, eat and sleep with little time or energy to do anything else but as always it is worth the effort as for the start of the new year I always end up financially sound unlike most other people who are in debt after Christmas. It does mean I can enjoy Christmas more without the spectre of debt in the new year.

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