Cameron: The National Disaster!

Posted: 23 October, 2015 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

It may be less than a year Mr Cameron and the Conservative party have been in power here in the United Kingdom but it has been so far a time of growing anger among a growing number of the population plus one of the most ineffective governments in decades which focus on thing which frankly are really low priority and trivial compared to the issues with the economy and a society which needs to be given a new direction.

Add to this Mr Cameron’s insistence of having the European Union referendum at a time of immigration issues across Europe because of the Muslim sectarianism issues across the Middle East and failure of the Conservatives to effectively control any extremist especially the white and Christian extremist here have opened a power keg of racism. This with the growing possibility of more open conflict between both sides of the racism issue which is being fuelled by a extreme right wing groups becoming very open and bold with their messages of hate regardless of the fact the large majority of the British are very tolerant.

All through this issue all Mr Cameron and the Conservative government do is stick their heads in the sand hoping the issue will go away rather than actually use the law to stop and punish those people who spout this racist and hate filled comments both in public and on social media. They have not even figured out that the Right Wing have hijacked the anti-European side of the European Union Referendum as a platform to spread their racist and hate filled message rather than just anti-European message.

Then on top of this even with Mr Cameron and his Government’s policy to pay everyone a living wage they are openly attacking the poor, making their life more difficult by cutting benefits all under the pretence that the British people are not productive enough and benefits stop people wanting to work both simply are Conservative lies. If anything the current Tax Credit cuts will have a detrimental effect on people as it will push families deeper into poverty. If anything will mean those who are in work will find it more difficult to stay in work and highly likely better financially for them to go back on to Social Security rather than work exactly what the government did not want.

This final point has highlighted the most disturbing thing about Mr Cameron and the Conservative Government they are prepared to do anything to get this through including compromising our democracy by suspending the House of Lords if they vote the tax credit changes out. Frankly they are prepared to cause a constitutional crisis over what is frankly really a minor issue which will stop being an issue as people start to be paid a living wage in April but this does reflect the sheer arrogance and remoteness of Mr Cameron and the Conservative government from even the people who voted them in.

What is becoming very apparent now is the growing anger among a growing under of General Electorate of the United Kingdom with the current government. If they keep on following the path it is only a matter of time the anger will start to spill on to the streets in more and more angrier public demonstrations as after over decades of misrule both by Conservatives and New Labour the British public can only take so much!

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