Depression: Put Things Off to Tomorrow!

Posted: 21 October, 2015 in Comment, depression, Life

Depression can make life of the sufferers more difficult in so much when things need doing people suffering tend to put off to tomorrow as all they see are the issues and problems associated with doing something rather than benefits it will give them.

In my case currently I am thinking of changing my broadband as I know I can get it cheaper elsewhere but I am very reluctant to change because all I can see are the problems with the change that is I have to change all my on-line accounts for various companies to the new email addresses and the such not the befits.

This may sound strange to someone who does not suffer or live with depression but to someone who suffers depression will understand that to them this can be issue as it can cause anxiety because of the issues it potentially cause them. It all to do with the nature of depression as the suffer constantly looks at the dark side of things even if a change will benefit them.

So in the end someone suffering depression life never changes for the better as they trapped in this viscus circle and end up be poor deal from life because it just too difficult to do something to make things better. It is a constant frustration to the suffer of depression which in the end makes them feel even more useless and isolated.

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