Facebook: Same Old, Same Old!

Posted: 18 October, 2015 in Computer, Facebook, World Wide Web

I have been back on Facebook for a few weeks to find that Facebook is much as I left it over year ago with same piss poor user interface which is pitched towards those who want to do business rather than socialise. Add to this it’s user interface is still confusing in places especially with their privacy system which is still full of holes and not exactly clear in it’s implementation.

But I was expecting a lot for those in Facebook to actually spend time improving their users interface as it still shows they put their investors before the user and it will be something they will eventually suffer for.

What makes this whole situation even more comical is the fact that the smaller social network packages for example BuddyPress, Oxwall and others provide so much more customisation and better privacy systems both of which actually work and far simpler to use and set up.

But Facebook reflects it’s founder real lack of insight into what people actually want and would like but what he wants at the expense of the users.

The biggest joke of myself returning back to Facebook is that to combat the negative effect of Facebook on my depression I have had to lock down my profile so tightly that it is difficult to find and once found only a select few can only see my posts. This is the joke as Facebook is supposed to be Social Network to meet new people but to stop it having the detrimental effect on my depression I have to literally disappear from the plain view on Facebook.

This is the saddest indictment of Facebook those of us who suffer from anxiety or depression to survive it without making things worse we have to remove ourselves from mainstream of Facebook. As I have said before the mainstream of Facebook I far from a healthy place for anyone.

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