Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDCXI

Posted: 15 October, 2015 in Journal, Life

It almost the middle of the 6 day run of shifts most of which I am trying not to get too bored with work not helped as things rarely change at work though that could all change soon and may be enough to peak my interest in my job again.

All I can say it is all change at work as our General Manager moves on and a new manager takes up the helm of the store which always accompanied by a change how the store is run and maintained. Myself I always look forward to a change as it makes the job fresh again though I suspect there will be a number of people who will not cope with the change very well. Strangely it will not be the people you think should have issue with change but some of younger who seam incapable of changing themselves.

As always the next few weeks will be little tense during the change of management but things will quickly settle down as Christmas looms on the horizon. Though for us Christmas as technically already started as our Winter Sale has already started this month and will last into January.

On top of which here Winter came crashing in as the temperatures outside when from warm and pleasant to very cool in less than a week. Just lucky a few months ago we got our house insulated for free so at the moment we are lovely and warm. This certainly makes a nice change from last winter in thi house and definite step up from the previous house. So at least one more thing has gone right this year.

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