Just What Planet Are the Anti-European Groups Are From?

Posted: 12 October, 2015 in Comment, Life, United Kingdom

I am still mystified just which planet the Anti-European Groups created because of the proposed European Union Referendum here in the United Kingdom come from?

I have said this before here but it needs to be said again as they are still focusing on immigrant and anti-Muslim issues which really have nothing to do with Europe. If anything these so called issues would still be issues to them regardless if we were in or out of Europe.

It seams these anti-European Groups here in the United Kingdom have linked these issues to Europe for some strange reason though considering these groups seam to be exclusively from the extreme right-wing groups here we should not be surprised.

Though they are also are using very twisted patriotism, nationalism even Christian values in their arguments for leaving Europe accusing anyone of not agreeing with them as not being British. This regardless of the fact their attitudes and lack of tolerance is far from the modern British way to do things.

The more and more I watch these group the more and more I am coming to the conclusion they are not on the same planet and only using the whole Anti-European platform to spread their hate, lies and brand of nationalism. Frankly I do not think they really understand anything about Europe or the effects of staying or leaving it.

The biggest joke is these groups including UKIP, First Britain even the English Democrats really think they are legitimate political parties not what they are a bunch of low lives who play on people’s fears and hates to gain power!

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