Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDCX

Posted: 12 October, 2015 in Journal, Life

Today I have been mostly dosing mostly due to the fact I did my usual late night within Second Life with some Red Wine on top of which I had an early start today. It is lucky I have two days in a row off work. This is much needed as I’ve just done five day run of shifts which is to be followed by six day run of shifts thanks to one technician at work being off, work as always puts little resources in the one department which really making them money.

Though I need to take advantage of these two days off as I need to work on my Role-Playing Game ideas though currently I am still finding difficult to find Role-Players locally though I can find groups outside of town but that is no good as I do not have a car any more plus I don’t want to drive anywhere as I am enjoying life without the stress of driving.

Things are not all bad as when I went to the local game store, The Two Fat Goblinz, the owner told me about people who met locally every third Sunday of the month to play boardgames which may be the step in the right direction for getting back into Role-Playing and/or starting to get out of the house socially. The only hassle they meet between 4pm and 7pm which can over lap with work shift though once my shift settle down again I may go long with few board and card games to see what it is like.

As always my life seams to always on the edge of starting but never quite get there.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

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Please Note: If you are interested in my small social network just follow the link to Bubbles in the Quantum Static.


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