Facebook You Are Bit Late With VR!

Posted: 12 October, 2015 in Computer, Facebook, World Wide Web

Recently Facebook was sort of looking into Virtual Reality, VR, again using the Oculus VR technology though they are now over 10 years too late even with the technology which has been around for decades but never too off.

If the owners of Facebook had actually being paying attention to the internet around them rather than patting their own backs because they think they are so cleaver would of noticed virtual reality in the form of on-line virtual worlds for example Second Life, OpenSim, Inworldz, them just to name a few has already been done and thriving. If anything these virtual worlds have become social networks in their own rights with the added advantage of virtual content including Avatars.

But as always the mainstream social networks always run behind with technology uptake and tend to use technology which never took off in the first place as the likes of Oculus VR has been tried before and was met with same indifference from users in general due to cost and basic usability.

As a last comment I bet Facebook will claim they were or are the first to use virtual reality in a social network regardless of the fact some 10 million plus people already use it ad have used it as a social network for last 10 years. But as always Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is good at using other people work and claim that he did it.

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