Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDLXXXIX

Posted: 8 October, 2015 in Journal, Life

Almost halfway through a 5 day run of shifts at work which have been hard work but at least been productive though not without the usual issues at work even with few new ones. I keep expecting that people I work with can actually change their behaviours especially those behaviours which cause issues to others or make working their more difficult but sadly I am once again disappointed with them.

Basically a large majority of people at work seam incapable of change always falling back to old behaviours which seam so ingrained into them they cannot change it. It’s made for frustrating as the people at work are not stupid and very capable of learning new ways to do things but it seams they find it easier not to change. But they are reflection of our modern world something they seam to be proud of regardless of the fact those of us awake enough to see it’s a very apathetic way to deal with the world around them.

I still have to tell them I find the fact that people almost constantly live with their smart phones in hand as very comical indeed especially to us who grew up in a society which was not so dominated by such devices. They walk around like zombies with their heads bowed down looking at their smart phones not paying attention to the world around them or people around them even those they are with. All this made even more comical they seam incapable of having a meaningful conversion face to face unless it is via a smart phone.

Well at least one thing about modern life makes me smile rather than angry though if I looked harder I think I could find more things about the silly everyday things people do in our modern world. Life did not get more complicated over my life time people just got stranger and isolated most time in a funny ways.

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