Fantasy Reflecting Reality Strangely!

Posted: 8 October, 2015 in Comment, Life

Sometimes it is never a good idea to read certain Role-Playing Game rules especially those which paint a bleak picture of our world be it a fantasy version of our own world. But sometimes these books become far too close to our own reality especially in the current events which are occurring in the world around us.

What got me thinking I was reading the newest version of the White Wolf’s Rule book for Mage: The Ascension which paints a picture of a world which the apathy of the masses has stagnated the world around them so much they will not accept anything new, even technology, and anything remotely magical or supernatural. All because of a war between the forces of wonder, magic and imagination and forces of order has ended with the victory for order of reason but the winning forces did such a good job winning the masses stopped believing in anything even in reason. They are happier to fade into a life of apathy which is comfortable and predictable and treat anyone who rocks the boat called the world with open violence both physical and verbal.

Strangely this scarcely reflects our real world which has become a very grey place full of people who just want to live comfortable and predictable lives in a constant state of apathy. They are very happy to take variations of the same technology produced by faceless corporations but like the corporations themselves don’t seam to get excited by technology any more if anything seam to teach new technology with an scary indifference.

Much as the fantasy world described the people of the real world treat anyone who is different or threatens their comfortable life with either open or covert violence either physical or verbal. Here in the United Kingdom it is the immigrants which a sizeable minority of people here regard as a threat and treat them with open and covert hostility.

This is one of the few times when a Role-Playing Game reflects our world though luckily what is happening in our real world is grim but it is not as grim as the Mage: The Ascension Role-Playing Game yet.

As I said sometimes it is not a good thing I read as sometimes I think too deeply but in this case it reflects my general feelings and despair with the world around me currently.

A final comment I would recommend White Wolf’s Mage: The Ascension Role-Playing Game as it may be a bit grim but does explore very interesting concepts to do with reality itself and how we perceive it. Basically reality depends on how everyone believes it works and a Mage can change reality by willing it to change.

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