Brexit is the Biggest Lie of the Century!

Posted: 8 October, 2015 in Comment, Europe, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

Brexit and much of it’s anti-European Union propaganda is one big lie!

Just before I explain why I have just said this, I will explain to those of you out there who do not know what Brexit is that is a blanket name for the anti-European Union campaign groups set up because of the upcoming European Union Referendum here in the United Kingdom.

But I will repeat just in case there are those still out there still sticking their heads in the ground about Brexit, that it is a lie. It must of come to people’s attention by now rather than being what is was meant to be an anti-European Union group it is in actual fact a group of the more extreme right-wing political parties who are using the upcoming referendum to promote themselves.

This groups include UKIP, EDF, Britain First, English Democrats and whole host of extreme right-wing parties who are cynically using the upcoming referendum to stir up British Nationalism, Patriotism and Independence among those within British society who frankly are not to bright or world wise to realise they are being used by these groups.

These groups are blatantly using the referendum as a platform towards real political power within the mainstream politics on the fears and insecurities of people because of the current world situation. This platform build on a message of bigotry, homophobia, hate and on a very open anti-Muslim message. In actual fact they have no real and legitimate anti-European Union arguments other than bending the truth with blatantly made up propaganda which is continuously taken apart by the pro-European supporters.

The biggest liar of Brexit is it’s self appointed leader Nigel Farage who simply joined the Brexit bandwagon to bolster up his own flagging career and fortunes of his own party UKIP. Though I suspect that even Brexit think that both Nigel Farage and UKIP are a laughing stock both in here and within Europe. This highlighted recently with his laughable rant both at the President of France and the Channeller of Germany who were totally bemused by him.

Frankly it is becoming more and more apparent that contrary to both Nigel Farage and his party UKIP claim the party much like BNP and NF before them is quickly fading into obscurity as people realise just how much of a joke and embarrassment they have become to the United Kingdom abroad.

In conclusion Brexit is one big lie and a self-serving group which solely exists to promote the extreme right-wing groups views using the upcoming European Referendum as an attempt to join the mainstream of British Politics.

The biggest irony of all this since the election of the new Labour Leader and very visible cracks appearing between the pro-European and Eurosceptics within the Conservative party there is now a real possibility that the said legislation required to have the referendum may never be passed by Parliament now!

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